Household Application For Free & Reduced School Meals
All new students to York County School of Technology should fill out a Free & Reduced Meals application. 

Home school districts do not forward free & reduced applications. The York County School of Technology cafeteria operates independently from other school districts.

All new students who qualified for Free & Reduced Meals previously should submit a new Free & Reduced Meals application to YCST.

Returning students have a 30 day grace period to submit a new Free & Reduced Meals application.  A new application must be on file every school year.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process applications.  Parent/Guardian will then receive a notification email or letter.

Families who receive a Direct Certification Letter from York County School of Technology you do not need to fill out an application for that school year.  

Families who receive a Direct Certification Letter from the home school district please forward a copy to the YCST Food Service Department. 

You may submit applications on-line at or