We currently have twelve vertical mills with digital readouts. Students learn how to face a part, drill holes, ream holes, countersink, counterbore, tap, machine grooves, dovetails, just to name a few. Tolerances held +/- 0.001""


Harrison lathes, we currently have six M-390 lathes, with digital readouts and six M-250 Harrison lathes. We added two V-390 lathes with digital readout during the 2007 school year. Students learn the following lathe operations: face, turn, bore, thread, groove, cut tapers just to name a few using carbide and high speed tooling. Tolerances held +/- 0.001"."


We currently have three automatic surface grinders and three manual surface grinders. Students learn how to grind parts flat, to place key ways and grooves. Plus, for the 2007 school year how to form grind - angles, radii, etc. Tolearances held are 0.0002" of an inch."


The machine shop offers one sandblast machine. Three bench grinders - students learn how to sharpen high speed tool bits, to be used to create non-typical tool geometries, such as radii and angles. The shop also offers a forty-ton hydraulic press.


The saw area offers one automatic vertical band saw, one manual vertical saw, one radiac chop saw and belt sander. Plus, a raw material storage racks.



Our shop offers a tool room that is student managed.  The tool room includes tooling used for our lathes (cutting tools, boring bars, live and dead centers, knurling tools), tooling for vertical mills (drills, taps, boring heads, milling cutters, face mills), tooling for drills press (drills bits ranging in size from "0" to 1 1/2" in diameter, taps up to 1 1/4"), hand tools ( files, wrenches, socket sets, screw drivers, etc.), plus lots and lots more tooling. 





York County School of Technology purchased in the 2010/2011 school year two new CNC machines. A Haas Super-Mini Mill and a Tool Room 2 Lathe. Students learn how setup up the machine and program the machine.