Kimberly Duggan

Mrs. Kimberly Duggan

English Teacher 

Reading Specialist

Courses Taught 

Honors English 9
Co-taught English 9

Course Descriptions: 


Students will read a variety of selections from various genres. Students will also read major works of literature.  Each work of literature will include projects, writing assignments, class discussions, independent work, quizzes and tests.


Students will write narrative, informational and persuasive essays, also at least 1 research paper.  All major writing assignments will include all steps of the writing process.
Writing assignments will be graded based on the Pennsylvania writing rubric.


Students will properly use all basic parts of speech.  Students will be aware of and expected to use proper grammar such as subject/verb agreement, run-ons, fragments, etc.
Students will develop a more mature use of grammar through sentence combining, varied sentence beginnings and varied structure.


Students will learn and utilize a varity of reading strategies to help them be successful in all of the classes.

Emphasis will be placed on the major pillars of reading: Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension