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Collision Repair Graduation Project Requirements

Non-Discrimination Policy

The York County School of Technology will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, or handicap, or because a person is a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam Era, in its admission process, educational programs, activities, or employment policies. Facilities are accessible to and usable by handicapped persons as required by the American with Disabilities Act. The School complies with the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Thomas Graham, ADA/Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator or Dr. James Kraft, Assistant ADA/Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator at, 2179 South Queen Street, York, PA, 17402, Phone (717) 741-0820.

Al aceptar solicitudes de matrícula, es la regla de conducta de York County School of Technology no discriminar por causa de sexo, raza, color u origen de nacionalidad del alumno en sus programas académicos y vocacionales. El plantel es accessible y puede ser usado por personas con incapacidades, así como requiere la ley de los americanos con incapacidades Título IX, Sección 504, y Título VI. Se tomarían medidas para asegurar que la falta de conocimientos del inglés no sea una barrera en la matrícula a programas académicos y vocacionales. Cualquier pregunta se debe dirigir al Sr.Thomas G. Graham, Coordinador de ADA/Título IX y Sección 503/504 or Dr. James A. Kraft, Asistente de Coordinador de ADA/Título IX y Sección 503/504 York County School of Technology, 2179 South Queen Street, York, PA, 17402, Telefono: (717) 741-0820.

Table of Contents

Introduction........................................................................................................ 4

Timeline.............................................................................................................. 5

Graduation Requirements...................................................................................... 6

Transfer Students

Foreign Exchange Students

School-to-Career Portfolio Requirements................................................................. 7

Technical Project and Presentation Guidelines.......................................................... 8

Evaluation Committee Responsibilities.................................................................... 9

Appeal Procedure for Portfolio............................................................................. 10



Collision Project/presentation........................................................................

Technical Project Proposal.......................................................................................

Student Documentation of Technical Project..............................................................

Request for Appeal

York County School of Technology

School-To-Career Graduation/Portfolio Project


The York County School of Technology is dedicated to providing a program of high quality, cutting-edge technical training integrated with a strong academic education and an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building skills.

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Chapter 4 Regulations

“A student shall complete a project in one or more areas of concentrated study under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty. The purpose of the project may include research, writing, or some other appropriate form of demonstration to assure that the student is able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding. Projects may be undertaken by individual students or groups of students.”

Graduation Project Statement
York County School of Technology

To meet these goals, each student is required to complete a School-to-Career Graduation Project as defined by the Career and Technology program Educator in conjunction with the School Administration. This project will include a Project and Presentation to a Career Area Team to demonstrate competency and mastery in the career area.In conjunction with this project, a Professional Portfolio, to be developed during the completion of the Work Force Development Course, will be created and maintained.

The intent of the project is to provide students with a meaningful opportunity to exhibit their mastery as defined by the Career and Technology Education program. Through project and portfolio completion, students will demonstrate their academic skills to communicate and calculate effectively.

Please see the Career Area web site for all project requirements.

This information packet contains the description of the project, timeline for completion of the project, and the necessary forms to make this project work for all students.



Grade Level


Career Teacher will review requirements

All students

Beginning of school year

Submit technical project proposal and receive approval for project by career teacher. Where there is a multiple teacher career area, all teachers will approve the proposal.



10 school days prior to the end of the first marking period during the 11th grade


Resume and cover letter will be part of the portfolio required within the Work Force Development course.



Complete and present technical project

Grade 11

On or before March 20,2012

Parental notification of completion/non-completion of Project

Grade 11

Non-completers will be notified by May 1, 2012

Revised project/presentation

Grade 12

End of Second Marking Period


Graduation Requirements


Students must complete and achieve an average of “satisfactory” score or higher on all components of the School-to-Career Graduation Project.

In the event a student fails the Graduation Project, the following options are possible:

1 A student who receives an unsuccessful rating in the Graduation Project and/or the Graduation Presentation may make the recommended changes and resubmit the revised item to the Career Teacher to be re-evaluated by the Evaluation Committee.The student must resubmit the portfolio two days prior to the absolute failure list for seniors or they will not participate in the commencement ceremony.

2 A student who receives an unsatisfactory rating and/or is unable to make changes recommended by the Evaluation Committee may request an appeal. The student must submit the appeal, in writing, to the Academy Principal. The appeal must be based on unusual or unforeseen events that affected the student’s ability to complete a satisfactory project. The Appeals Committee will then review the appeal. If the appeal is accepted, the student may resubmit the Graduation Project.


Students who do not successfully complete the School-to-Career Graduation Project will not graduate!

Students must successfully complete the Grad project I in order to be eligible for senior privileges at the beginning of the school year and Grad Project II for the continued eligibility for senior privileges which includes parking on campus. This also will be reflected in the eligibility for Cooperative Education.

Transfer Students

Out-of-state senior students transferring to the York County School of Technology may have the School-to-Career Graduation Project requirement waived or modified by the Director of Student Services.

Any transfer student whose permanent records indicate they have successfully completed a graduation project at another Pennsylvania school district will be considered to have met York County School of Technology’s School-to-Career Graduation Project requirements.

Foreign Exchange Students

The School-to-Career Graduation Project is optional. The Media Specialist will serve as coordinator.

School-to-Career Portfolio Requirements

The School-to-Career Portfolio will contain the following:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Professional Resume
  3. Letter of Application (Cover Letter)
  4. Technical Project Abstract
  5. Graduation Project Reflection
  6. Technical Competency Task List
  7. Awards, Examples, Certificates, Extra-Curricular and Career Related Items . Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, all of the listed artifacts shall reflect only those artifacts awarded during grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. (Minimum of two entries)
    • Job Readiness Certificate
    • Job Shadowing Experiences
    • Internship Experiences
    • Technical Program Certificate
    • Student-of-the-Month Certificate
    • Honor Roll
    • Attendance
    • Copy of State or Industry Certifications
    • Vocational Student Organization Awards
    • Testing Results (i.e. PSSA, PSAT, ASVAB, ACT, etc.)
  8. Letters of Reference – Three Required – 2 Professional, 1 Personal

Graduation Project and Presentation Documentation Requirements

Specific career area Graduation Project Requirements will be located on the Career Program web site located at

Graduation Project

Each student will carry out their project based on some aspect of their technical area of study. Some components of this project will be completed and/or integrated within the career teaching time. Students will be required to digitally record the progress of the technical project.

Graduation Project documentation will contain the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • Project Abstract
  • Proposal
  • Reflection
  • Timesheet
  • Cost Sheets
  • Digital visual component documenting project progress
  • Course Completion and Additional documentation as listed by the Career Teacher

Graduation Project Presentation

A complete and thorough presentation of the project will be given by each student in accordance with the timeline on page 5. Please see the Presentation Rubric in the appendix for presentation evaluation requirements.

Technical Project & Presentation Guidelines

1. Project

This project is student centered and requires a minimum of 20 hours. Each student will carry out their project based on some aspect of their technical area of study and will be integrated into the career teaching time. The hours must be documented on the Student Timesheet of the Technical Project. Students will be expected to digitally record the progress of their technical project.

2. Presentation

A complete and thorough presentation of the project will be given in accordance with the timeline on page 5.Students must coordinate with the technical teacher to schedule an Evaluation Committee appointment. Presentations should be a minimum of 5 minutes up to a maximum of 15 minutes, with an average of 8 – 10 minutes. Any presentation under 5 minutes will be rated unsatisfactory. The oral presentation must include all aspects of your project as listed on the outline. Students must be prepared for questions following the presentation.

3. Requirement

Students who do not successfully complete the School-to-Career Graduation Project will not graduate! Students must successfully complete the Grad project I in order to be eligible for senior privileges at the beginning of the school year and Grad Project II for the continued eligibility for senior privileges which includes parking on campus. This also will be reflected in the eligibility for Cooperative Education.
Collision Repair Graduation Project Requirements and Guidelines.

Each Collision student will be allotted twenty hours of time for their project.

  • A maximum of one hour will be allotted for the technical proposal.
  • A maximum of fourteen hours will be allotted for the tactile portion of the project.
  • A maximum of five hours will be allotted for the presentation preparation of the project.

The Technical Proposal will be a minimum of five sentences typed and will include an estimated cost of materials, the type of project that is proposed, expected amount of time to completion, and expected type of digital media to be used. This proposal will be accepted at any time, but no later than the deadline date that is published by the school during their junior year. Students will have a maximum of two one half hours session to complete this task.

The Tactile Portion of the project. Student will be expected to choose from the list below for the type of project they want to complete. All work must be completed in shop. Students may spend more than fourteen shop hours on this portion of the project provided that it utilizes time that students would be working on similar tasks that would be incorporated into the curriculum.

The Portfolio is not required for Collision students. However you will be required to complete a portfolio in one of your academic classes

The Presentation Preparation

Each student will have ten one half hour sessions of shop time to complete this portion.

Students must use at least two forms on digital expression. One could be a power point presentation while another could be digital pictures or a photo story, students could use skype or the web, and it is the student’s choice as long as two are incorporated. Each presentation must have timelines, cost estimates, documentation of time, at least one prop (tools, equipment, posters, etc.)

If the students run over allotted times they will be expected to complete the technical proposal or presentation portion of the project, they may, by appointment only stay after school. They may choose to complete these requirements on their own at home. However, once the student runs out of allotted time they will be expected to provide proof of updated progress as required by their technical teacher.


All juniors will be expected to work on their graduation project throughout the school year. The project proposal will be submitted before the published date on the school calendar. The tactile portion will be completed before Christmas break. Beginning in January each student will hand in a minimum of two power point slides (printed out per week), (this is a minimum guideline only, more slides are necessary to complete the project in time). If the print out is not completed it will result in a zero for the week and it will affect their graduation project grade. A letter will be sent home if a student is not current with all graduation project work. Students have until February 15th of their junior year to complete their power point presentations. If the presentation is not completed by that time the student will be banned from live shop work until it is complete. Once the power point presentation is complete the student will be expected to practice until the published presentation date or until they are ready to present their project. Students may finish the project and presentation at any time and present their project using the above criteria.

Accepted projects

  • Prepare and paint a vehicle with single stage paint.
  • Prepare and paint at least three panels with base coat clear coat
  • Complete a custom paint utilizing one panel and at least five different colors blending at least two colors. A drawing must be submitted with the finished product.
  • Remove an engine cradle, disassemble the suspension components then reassemble the cradle.
  • Cut off a ¼ panels, rocker, or trunk floor, and then reassemble the same.
  • Strip three panels and straighten two six hour dents, then prime the all five panels.
  • Mount a full frame or unibody vehicle on the frame rack, analyze damage with the proper gauges, and then repair damage. Instructor must approve vehicle in advance.
  • Remove and replace a damaged front end sheet metal of a vehicle, including at least six mechanical parts, and two sensors. Instructor must approve vehicle in advance.
  • Students may submit an application for other types of project that may be considered acceptable by the instructor.
  • Research paper – The student may choose to write a research paper on collision emerging technologies that are used in the collision repair industries. Examples: Insurance industry, Plasma cutting, Glass and structural technology, Hybrid vehicles, etc. The student must obtain the instructor’s permission for the subject/machining process.

The research paper must include:

*Title page – Shall have the following:

Name of process

Student’s name

Instructor’s name


* MLA Format – 1” wide margins,

1”header and footer

Pages shall be numbered in the upper right hand corner 12 point New Roman Times font

*Length of research paper – 1500 words

Reference the rubric located in this manual for grading criteria

* Sources – A minimum of four sources must be cited.

Evaluation Committee Responsibilities

  1. Each Career Academy will appoint evaluation teams to evaluate their students’ technical projects.
  2. Each team will consist of no less than three individuals to perform the evaluation as follows:

· A Technical Teacher

· One Academic Teachers

· Adult approved by the Academy Principal

Graduation Project

Presentation Rubric for Collision Repair Technology


Name ______________________________ Date________________









(if less than satisfactory)



12 to 15 minutes

6 to 11


Less than 5 minutes


Spoke Clearly

Most words were clearly understood

Occasional mumbling

Frequently mumbled


Prepared and rehearsed

Obviously practiced fluent presentation

Could havepracticed more

stumbled over up to 4 slides

Really needs more practice stumbled over more than 4 slides


Stood up straight, looked confident

Remained standing straight and confident and could hold a firm non jittery position for more than a minute

Stood up,but appeared jittery and could not stand in one position for more than 30 seconds

Shied away and sloughed most of the time and was constantly jittery


Eye Contact with everyone

Made eye contact with 80% of the time

Made eye contact 50 to 79% of the time

Nervous eye contact looking away less than 49% of the time


Technical Dress – appropriate attire for their field

Appropriate dress for their field

Overall good appearance; minor issues, shirt ruffled, pants below waist, etc.

Was not appropriately dressed for their field


Use of Visual as notes for presentation

Did not rely on visual for notes

Occasionally relied on visual for notes

Read directly from visual



Must have slide title, student’s name, career area and date)

Contains all Had every item

Contains 2-3 Missing one item

Contains 1 Missing more than one item


Number of Slides (minimum of 10, not including title and citation slides)

Contains a minimum of 10 slides

Contains 10-8 slides

Contains less than 8 slides


Visibility of Graphics

All graphics are visible and in focus

Up to 30% of the graphics were out of focus or not completely visible

More than 30% of the graphics were out of focus or not completely visible



Explained how tools were used to complete project

Mentioned tools but did not explain how there were used to complete project

Did not mention tools


Estimate of cost

Materials were estimated within 90% of actual costs

Materials were estimated between 70 and 89% of costs

Materials were estimated less than 70% of cost



No spelling errors

1-2 spelling errors

More than 2 spelling errors


Use of Facts

No factual errors

Up to 4 factual errors

More than 4 factual errors


Used Proper Repair Materials

Used proper material For each step

Used correct material In incorrect order

Used incorrect material for at least two steps


Total Score

Outstanding = 26-30

Satisfactory = 18-25Unsatisfactory = 17 or less


York County School of Technology
Collision Repair School-to-Career Graduation Project
Technical Project Proposal

Student Name


Technical Teacher

Please note: If student is enrolled in a multi-teacher Career Area, student will obtain signatures of each teacher in that area.

Please provide a description of the project and how it will showcase skills learned.

I propose to . . .



List of Materials and Approximate Cost of Technical Project (Technical Programs will provide normal materials supplied to all students to complete class projects/assignments. The student will be responsible for any additional materials. For example, students are required to build sawhorses, if a student decides that his pair will form the basis of his senior project, there is no additional cost. However, if another student decides to build a Victorian Garden Shed for someone's back yard then the student picks up all costs because all students do not require this type of project.)


I am aware and approve of any additional costs that may be required to complete the project.




Parent/Guardian Signature



Approximate Time to Complete Project: ______________ Hours

Technical Teacher/s Approval:



Date of Approval:


Student Documentation of Technical Project




Description of Activity

(Brief, Concise, Thorough)

Time Spent on Project




























York County School of Technology

Request for Appeal – Portfolio Project

Student’s Name:




Student’s ID Number:


Year of Graduation:


Technical Program:


Technical Teacher


Reason for Request (Please be specific and include documentation if appropriate.)

Parent Signature:


Student Signature:


o Check this box if parent/guardian requests a meeting.

Please provide a phone number where you can be reached to schedule the appointment.

Do Not Write Below This Line – Use Additional Sheet if Necessary

Decision of Appeals Committee based upon reason for request and the best interests of the student:

Appeal Approved Appeal Denied



Appeal Approved



Appeal Denied


Signature of



Signature of
Academic Teacher:

Signature of
Guidance Counselor:
    Signature of
Technical Teacher: