Jamie Good

Jamie Good

CulinaryArts Baking/Pastry Instructor

Philosophy: Bakers make it Sweeter,
and chocolate is a necessity.


pastry website
Most popular sweets for the sweet tooth

cake website
Todays most popular cakes and designs

wilton website
Wilton general information network

wilton store website
Wilton search tips,classes and recipes

sugarpaste store website
Beth Parvu sugarpaste products, videos, catalogue. Edible sugarpaste flowers that fool mother nature

baking helpdesk website
Help desk for all baking needs, cookies, cakes, pies, candies

martha stewart web site
Martha Stewart living main help desk

International Cake Exploration Society web site
General information about ICES. How to: join organization, enlist to magazine subscription, event timetable. Locations of upcoming events and shows.

american cake decorating magazine web site
American cake decorating magazine, general knowlwdge,subscription information, present and past editions how to

colette peters web site
Colette Peters general infomation page

colette peters wedding cake web site
Wedding cake edition, look at the topsy turvy cakes

colettes special event cakes
Check out the cake that won $10,00.00

servsafe general info sheet
General information about serv safe certification regulations and guidelines

servsafe certificate
General information and guidelines necessary to obtain
and maintain servsafe certification

culinary institute of america web site
General nformational web site to connect to other sites and important information

johnson & wales university web site
General information web site to connect to other sites at jwales university

ybiweb site
Information aboout the associate program and other programs offerd at YBI

restaurant school web site
General information site about restaurant school and enrollment

business management web site
General information site about business management courses and requirements

cordon-bleu-baking & pastry
General information site about the Cordon Bleu Baking & Pastry program

nick lodge
Nicholas Lodge web site for all general information and products

ron ben-israel
Ron Ben-Israelweb site wedding cakes, use the picture story board to select
various styles and sizes of wedding cakes

cake connection web site
Lists classes, instructors teaching:including times and dates

romantic wedding cakes
Virtual tour of a variety of romantic wedding cakes from Boston

whimiscal topsy turvy cakes
Many cake designs that are not typical.
culinary resources

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