Physical Education and Health

Physical Education


The purpose of our Physical Education (PE) Program is to help our students understand and apply the principles of physical fitness and activity to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. We prepare our students physically, mentally, and socially so they are able to apply, perform, and accomplish these skills to use now and through their life. 

Students will have the ability to select any of the four physical education courses during their four ears at York Tech. 

Courses Provided

*Due to the current state mandates our courses have been modified to the below description. It is our hope to return the the 2019 course options in the future. 

Students are expected to perform two workouts per week (Monday through Sunday)

1 workout counts towards the “Virtual” assignment and 1 workout counts toward the “In Person” assignment.

The workouts consist of a variety of 10-30 minute video workouts and a variety of body weight CrossFit activities; which is provided in the Phys Ed folder via Schoology.

Students have also been approved to complete 30 minutes of yard work, snow activities, etc. to count for a workout submission. 

Once the student completes the workout they are required to write a 3 sentence reflection, log the amount of time the workout took to complete and log which workout they chose to complete.

2019 Course Options:

Team Sports:

This course will engage in sport specific activities while learning the rules and history of that sport. 

Strength Training:

This course will offer high intensity strength training will following a teacher designed workout plan.   

Cardiovascular Training: 

Students will focus on cardiovascular output in a variety of ways. Heart rate monitors will be used to provide feedback to the students.      

Personal Fitness:

Students will receive instruction and practice in planning and implementing an individualized fitness program.   

Graduation Requirements:

Students need 1 credit of Health and PE. 

Health Education 

Health Education will provide an opportunity for students to understand how to manage situations and make informed decisions for healthy lifestyles. This course is also designed to expose students to a variety of community resource agencies and health related issues. 

A few topics that will be covered are 
         1. Legal and Illicit Drugs
         2. Nutrition
         3. Relationships 
         4. Heredity and Genetics 
         5. First Aid and CPR

The goal of Health Education is to prepare students for the rest of their lives regarding their development, interaction with others, and interactions with their surroundings. 

Graduation Requirements:

Students need 1 credit of Health and PE. 

Common Questions 

Q: How often do students have Physical Education (PE) or Health?
A: One semester for each class.

Q: Is there a required uniform for PA?
A: Yes. Students must have their uniform for each class.

Q: Where can the uniform be purchased?
A: The uniform cost $15 and is available in the school store.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the following teachers. 

Mrs. Hess

Ms. Malandro

Mr. Mowery