York Tech Parent Portal Information and Link

Ytech  The York County School of Technology has upgraded our parental     access system to the MMS Parent Portal. The MMS Parent Portal     provides secure, self-service access to parents so that you are         informed about your child's daily progress in York Tech.                   Information   is no longer updated on a weekly basis, but now is updated as soon as updates are entered by teachers and other school staff members. You will benefit from real-time access to grade averages, progress reports, homework, missing assignments, announcements, attendance, and discipline information. Parents can easily access the system from any location with Internet access.

Now access your child's lunchtime account through the MMS Parent Portal. Click on the link right above your child's picture to get into the cafeteria account. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you will need to create one. Click the link below to access the Parent Portal, then click "create account".

To log into the Parent Portal to view your child's Account and Lunch Account, Click Here.

You may notice the cafeteria account looking a little different! LunchTime has done an update to the website which changes the interface and allows you to now view all transactions entered by your child. Here is a quick reference guide to the new interface.

Please note: we have updated the parent portal and student portal to a new web address on 7/12/2017. If you have the old website bookmarked it will no longer work. Please click above to access the new website.  

If you need assistance with the Parent Portal, please email or call our helpdesk at 717-741-0820 x4357.