YCST Alumni Directory Last Name Beginning With Z

Zarnowski, L. N.
Towson Md.
Towson MD
Trinity College and University
Corporate Statistician
Alpharma U.S.H.P.
Finished my four year tour in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter mechanic working on rotory system dynamics, and received my associates there, finished my bachelors work a few years later, and have been in the white collar realm ever since. Received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology with distinction from Trinity College and University, became a Certified Quality Auditor and Engineer, and now work as a (well paid) Statistician in the Pharmaceutical Arena. Not married and have no children yet. Engaged in the past, but never finalized the deal. Still looking for some one closer to my height.

Zampier, Gregory J.
Camp Lejuene
Parris Island
Military Police
United States Marines Corps
I am PCSing from Japan and heading to Camp Lejuene NC. I will be stationed there with the 2nd Field Service Support Group.On July 9th, 2004 I married my wife Devin. My SN in Teufhu for AIM or just drop me an email.

Zamuria , Bernadine (Deana) Gohn
Glen Rock, Pa
Truck Driver for 13 yrs, now working for brothers company 
Gohn's Piano Moving
Have 2 kids 16 and 14 , and Sept 2000 married a wonderful man I met online!! Have driven dump trucks for the last 15 years, although I have taken a job helping my brothers company out. I was in food prep, and have a son who next year will be entering Culinary Arts at Tech. Love to hear from any of the wild bunch that I was in school with. Especially Tammy and Nannette! Anyone know where they are??

Zartman, Crista
Lock Haven University
Graphic Design/Tutoring
I'm in Hanover, PA after living out of the area for many years. Although I enjoyed living in other countries, I love being so close to my baby brother who has his own 'babies' now.

Zepp, Travis
San Diego

Zearfoss, Holly
Zearfoss, Holly
I'm back in town now, i moved to Orlando for a while, but i'm glad to be back. life is still looking good!

Zeigler, Derek
american products
I am look for someone and i still work at CVS and I am gald i went to YTI.

Zeigler, Jeremy
East Berlin
Overnight Stockman
I am trying to get in touch of John Smith, my best friend from high school. We lost touch of each other over the years so if anyone knows how we can get in touch please email me at the address above or have John email me.

Zeltwanger, Robert
Windsor, PA
Truck Driver
Quaker City Paper
Married and Divorced twice, have 3 wonderful children. 2 girls(Katie17, and Gretchen 9) and 1 son (Josh 16). Raised my kids on my own for quite a while, am layed off looking to get my class A cdl license. Feel free to email me if you we decide to ever get a reunion together.

Zinneman, Constance Day
preschool teacher
Community Progress Council
married for 7 years with 3 boys. looking for several friends from shop.

Zortman, Dave
Sales/Inventory Control
Stahl Headers
I ain't dead yet! About time our class finally had a reunion, don't you think? Will it really be 35 years?!! 
Married for 2nd time, 18 years (in a row!) with 2 sons.
Involved quite a bit in the racing scene and serve on the board of directors for 3 racing orgainzations: The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (, York County Racing Club (, the Bowling Green Speedway Preservation Society (, and my own site,
I am proud to say that over the years many of Vo-Tech's students, as well as some of it's faculty, have made their mark on the area racing scene.
Let's get together people!

Zutell, John
New Castle.DE
York College of PA
Defense Production
MCubed Technologies Inc.
Well since the last update I'm still working in defense making helicopter seats for the Black-hawk. Also I had found my love of my life who has 2 boys and a girl.. Looking forward to the 25th.