YCST Alumni Directory Last Name Beginning With V

vail, theresa schmuck
spring grove
pt. van driver for s.g
reliance motor coach
I have one son a 13 year old. Moved back to s.g. about 3 years ago. Not much really has changed but the years.

Valentin, Angela Ambrose
stay at home mom
Married with 4 children

Vandenberg, Rebekah Michael
Lancaster, PA 
Temple University, Philadelphia
Graphic Artist/ Photographer

Vanzant, Alesia Raffensberger
Healthcare worker

Van Winkle, Vicki Dawn Orwig
Kenwood, CA
ColleJohn F. Kennedy University, California College of The Arts, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Antonellli Art Insitute
Psychotherapist, Counselor, Meditation Teacher
self employed
Hello, After graduation, I only stayed local for 2 years while I attended the Antonelli Art Institute, then I transfered to Maryland Institute along with my x husband, moved to Baltimore for a few years. After enjoying studying the arts so much, and not liking MD so much decided to go to CA College of Arts. Well, I really liked Cali, but the place is full of artists so even with a masters degree in was went back got a MA in Clinical Psychology and now work for myself here in Cali. Got divorced along the way, and have two kids. My son is grown and just went to UC Davis, and my daughter is still a minor for a few more years. I ave spent alot of time healing from my childhood traumas, and studying yoga and meditation. I have travelled to India multiple times and after my daughter is grown will be leading yearly trips there for people who want to go. Write me and say hi if you remember me.... the girl with the little leat! her headband every day.... whom you probably didnt think would have 2 masters degrees! Party ON! Hope to hear from old friends...

Vazquez, Roberto Jesus
west york, pa
well im not married. no kids. well i really dont have no news just that i hope that every one that knows me its doing good with there life cuz im doing good. well every one else that dont know me its all good, good lock to u too peeps well hope to see u guys some time soon be safe to every body well im out one.

Vazquez, Tavon
Wow almost a year already since the class of 2010 walked the stage. I had great times there especially changing the sports programs they offer. The football team of 2010 will always be remembered as the team to get the first winning season.

vdov, irina
Hi to everyone who remembers me! (the Ukrainian girl)

Vincent, Emory
York, PA
Hey everyone. It was a cool year!! check me out on myspace @ or drop me a line at or on aim @ deadroad503 L8RZ