YCST Alumni Directory Last Name Beginning With H

Haas, Sarah
York Township
York College of Pennsylvania
Military Policeman 
Army Reserves
Hi all. Wow!! I can't believe it's been so long since we graduated. I must honestly say that I miss the whole commodore of high school. I miss my friends and all the laughs, tears, and even all those petty fights we shared. (the sr. trip girls, who could forget the first night there we were fighting?) Well I successfully made it through my basic training and advanced individualized training and I am an MP in the Army. I couldn't be any more proudf of any other accomplishments that i have made in my life. The flag that I bear on my right shoulder and my dog tags say it all. (It is something that no one can ever take away from me.) Getting involved in a military world really has made me grow even more and has given me many opportunites. I wouldn't change it at all. Like nothing in this world we aren't perfect, but West and I are still together and we plan on getting married in the future. We have had our share of ups and downs but once we let go of all the drama and! stopped letting people run our lives through gossip, things straightened themselves out and we are very happy. Along with the military I am also attending york college studying criminal justice. i would love to get into law enforcement one day and eventually make my way to csi or swat, but i am only taking it one day at a time. My sister and i are getting an apartment together in Red Lion and I can't wait. I am very excited to be out on my own starting yet another chapter in my life. One thing i have definetely learned is that there are hurdles in the way of everything you will seek to do, but keep pushing and you are bound to come out on top. Oh yeah, the drama never stops once you graduate, it unfortunately is all around you, it's whether you choose to be a part of it or not that counts. well i think i have said enough. God bless you all and i truly hope that you all accomplish the goals and dreams you seek in your life time. I hope to see everyone at the five year reuni! on. Remember..."Always reach for the stars and you'll never get a han dfull of dirt." -sarah haas

Hagens, Gregory
Vo-Tech,night school
Self employed Electrician
Hagens Electric
Married 24 yrs.I have a boy Greg who is 20 &graduated from Vo-Tech in 2002.Also a daughter Kayla who is 16 and is in 10th grade @ Dover High. Had a great time at our 30th reunion and hoping to be there at the next one.

Hagens, Linda Fake
Secruity Officer & Receptionist
York Hospital& Bob Hoffman YMCA
I am married to Greg for 25 years. I have two children-Greg 22 and Kayla 19. Also 2 grandchildren- Eian 7 months and Victor 14 months. Kaylan is a senior at Dover High School and will graduate in 2006.

Hagerman, Jody Altland
West York
Lutheran Home
Married 30 yrs this Oct. One Son, Michael, graduated from Tech in 2001 Cabinetmaking.

Hagerman, Michael
Winters Performance
Well I didn't update this for a while so here goes. I got layed off from Harley in March of 2009, finally got a full time job again in Feb. of 2011 but not what I want. I want to go back to cabinetmaking. I've been engaged for going on 5 yrs., but due to buying a truck and camper and being layed off haven't said I do yet. Hoping that things are getting back on track though. No kids yet waiting to get married for that. Well if any old friends would like to talk email me. See ya.

Hall, Thomas
Yanover & Sons Construction
I'm still a stud. Well at least I build homes with them.

Halpin, Greg
York, PA
Assistant Fire Chief
City of York
Still single & looking!

Hammers, Rachel Ensminger
Memorial Hospital
Hello class of 2003! I hope that everyone is doing well. I've been married a little over 2 yrs now, but am currently seperated and getting a divorce. but i don't regret any of it because i have a beautiful little boy named Levi (2yrs) who is my everything. I will be going back to school hopefully soon, to become an invasive cardiovascular tech.

Hancock, John H.
Nashua, NH
Hawaii Pacific
Federal Officer
Dept. of Justice
Hope to hear when 20 year reunion is

Harlacher, Samantha
HI Everyone!! Alot has happen since graduation. I got engaged Dec.03 to Kevin. We are getting married Aug.27,2005. We have a house together in Dover. No Kids yet. We plan on them in a few years. I work at a dental Office in West York. If anyone wants to contact me my E-mail is

Hartsock, Ken
East Berlin
Production Supervisor
Tucker Liquid Coatings
Comments/Messages: After school I joined the US Air Force, to be stationed in Charleston SC, Loved it, got out, and had a son, Colby,who is now 5 yrs old, moved back to pa, worked in the auto business as a car salesman then a tow truck driver, now i am in charge of painting and scheduling parts to be applied to tanks for the military... any one wanting to catch up with me feel free, see you at the reunion

Hawks, Karen Yoder
Education Direct
Cameo Beauty and Tanning Salon
Hello everyone. I am married now for a year, and have 2 beautiful children (girl and boy). I attended Education Direct and now am a professional bridal consultant. I hope to start my own business in this field soon. Take care. Hope we hear about a class reunion for our 10th year.

Heath, Heather
Hyde Park NY
The Culinary Institute of America
Well for starters I want to say that I miss the simplicity of high school, but oh well thats life. I am currently at the CIA. Boone and I have been together for about a year now. I am going on externship at the Hershey Hotel in July. Then go back to school in December. But other than that I'm your typical college student.

Heavner, Melvin
Dover, Pa
ECI Wireless
I have been married for the last 5yrs. We have 2 wounder children Hunter,8 and Wyatt 20 months.I have been building cell phone sites across the region for the last 9 years. Life has just been busy.

Heavner, Rachel Slothower
NHS Human Services
I am a PCA for a little boy who has Autism. I married Brent, who has his Bachelors in History, and his Masters is Special Ed. We were married on July 11, 2009. We welcomed our son into our lives Jan 7, 2011.

Heidlebaugh, Zane
West Palm Beach FL 
York College/ Penn State
Appliance parts/service mgr
East Coast Mech
Single. Seeing if there is a 35th reunion this year? Does anyone from school live in south Florida?


heiland, jamie smith
penn state york
financial sales rep
m & t bank
Hi, Wow what is up w/ everyone. I married Brian Heiland, who I dated since junior yr, in may 2003. We had a son Jakob Matthew on Aug 01,03. His 3rd bday just passed and it's amazing how time flies. He was born 10 wks early at 2.5lbs and wasin the nicu for 8 wks, but all is well now. I can't have anymore kids naturally, but we are looking to adopt in a yr or so.We bought our 2nd house in july 04, were we currently live in Emigsville, pa. I still talk and see Jamie PlattsMartin who has a beautiful daughter, who is also my god-daughter. We attend church sometimes. I have two dogs Abby and Bear.We like to go out, so you may see us at the hardware bar on sat nights.See you in November. Stay chill. Jamie

Heimstead, Benjamin
Huntsville, AL
Army Medic
U.S. Army
The Army is doing good I keep in touch with a few People. I am working in a Pediatrics and a primary care clinic. I am trying to go to Iraq at the Moment but the Army is dragging its Feet. I am currently finishing school for nursing and I am slated to Go to A S.W.A.T. Medic course in Oct or Sept. 05' I was back in PA awhile ago those of you who Know James "Bo" Tracey his Brother L/CPL (USMC) Jesse Tracey passed away shortly after returning from Iraq in Mexico. Keep him and His Family in your Prayers....

Heindel, Donna Saylor
Red Lion
York Tech Practical Nursing 97
Colonial Manor
Comments/Messages: still married.Son 1 grad from Tech 06 in navy. Son 2 at Tech now. Son 3 in 6 grade. Son 4 passed away. foster daughter is 1. BUSY! Would love to hear from you.

Heindel, Russell
Yokosuka, Japan
Electronics Technician 3rd class
US Navy
I've been in the Navy since graduation and have been stationed overseas here in japan for almost 2 years now.

heiner, ellen berkebile
I'm wondering if anyone can help me find Danny Weston from the class of 1973. Gee I hope he isn't married.I sure would love to hear from him.

Heiner, Janet Deihl
Longwood, FL
Computer Support Specialist
State of FLorida
I have 2 wonderful children, Nicholas 21, and Jaclyn 16. I moved to FL 11 yrs ago now. I have worked for the state 10 of those yrs. Man where did all the time go?

Heiser, Eric
Marietta, PA
Heil Trailer International
I am happily married to my lovely wife Sue. I have two boys and they are both going to YORK VO-TECH.

Heiser, Eric
Well, I was accepted into the CIA in New York, but never made it due to some, oh, lets say COMPLICATIONS, very BIG COMPLICATIONS
BOH Coach at TGI Fridays, hench the E-Mail address
TGI Fridays in Pottstown
Hello, I am living in Pottstown No kids, not married, but I am searching for some people that I went to school with, names such as Jason Leppert, Jess McCauley, Crystal Lentz, janet Watson, my other list is on the message board, if anyone knows the whereabouts, let me know please, and when and where is this REUNION, I'd attend meetings, but I am not walking from here to York, no offense, LOL! Oh, and Chef Gingrich, I never forgot you, I miss you with all that I am, Keep Cheg Gianopoulos in line, HEHE, Urgh, I really need to get out more! Miss you all!God, I wish I could be back in school, listening to Mr. Ginter (now retired) yell at me telling me to wake up, or hef (Big Head) Billet an his one and only year there, (GO TEAM!) please, anyone that remembers me or anyone I am looking for, write me or call or text 717-318-9254! Let 2000 Echo for an eternity.

Heitink, Laura Geesey
Kailua, Hawaii
York College
Bank rep.
Navy Federal Credit Union
After serving in the Navy for 7 years as a Dental Tech. I decided to change careers and go into banking. I am married to a Marine and have 2 children, Alexandra and Andrew. I have lived in Cuba, San Diego and now Hawaii. Would love to hear from anyone on vacation here. We are in the Oahu phone book.

Heitzenrater, Jennifer Toomey
York, PA
Penn State University
After graduation I attended PSU and received my BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I have had several positions in my field while in college and since graduation. I have had positions in simulation and testing, refrigeration and my current position in validation and inspection. I have been living and working in York since graduation and have been married for seven years to a wonderful man I met in college. We do not currently have any children; we have 2 spoiled dogs who are happy to be a part of our family. I spend my time with family and friend as well as working and volunteering for organizations that are important to me.

Heldibridle, Travis
Reston, VA
I would like to thank the staff at Vo-Tech for my education. My only regret is not learning sooner how important Knowledge can be. I'm living in the DC Metro area now. I've been pursuing certification in networking, network administration, computer repair and anything else I can get my hands on. Were we friends? Should we have been? I would love to hear from classmates and friends.

Heller, Alicia
YCST- Practical Nursing Program

Hendrix, Penny Harman
New Freedom Pa
Empire Beauty school
Graduating from Empire Beauty School June 30,2010

Henney, James
York PA
Whats goin on everyone, been a minute huh? Well just so everyone knows i am alive the streets aint kill me yet lol. Im not married, lol as if that a surprise, not a long term kinda guy. Im just stayin outta trouble doin aight with my il business with sports merch. Well im alwasy online so if you want drop me a line. PEACE

Henry, Steve & Karen
Karen-Mom/ Childcare provider
Steve-BAE Systems (York)
We got married 3 days after graduating. We are still very happy. We also have 3 beautiful,wonderful girls. Amanda,20 graduating from YTI Lancaster(NOV07),Steph,18 High school graduated and on to Empire Beauty School until( MAY08)and last Katilynn,12 a cheerleader of 3 yrs.Loving life and all is has to offer. Looking forward to the reunion. And can't believe it's been 20 yrs.Also looking forward to seeing old friends and remembering old times.

Hepner, Billie 
Metal Stamper
Osram Sylvania
No I'm Not married. I have a son named Trent, he is 9. I am always busy working and raising a son that is just like I was. Please feel free to email me.

Herman, Ron
I am not currently married But have a great Fiance. I have 2 wonderful boys 1 is 33 and the other is 19. I travel to Delaware on weekends to see my fiance and life is great. I am an avid Hunter and love all Sports. And of course my Fiance has a beautiful 14 year old daughter who is an honor student and just a delight to be around.

Hershey, Shane
Mesa AZ
York Vo-Tech Tons os certification classes, Welding, Fabracation, CNC, ECT.
Corbins Electric and have my own buisness (MR. Shock Electric) Email
Things here on the west coast are well! I have been married for 6 years now to the love of my life Jennifer Hershey (Brehm) from the Allentown area! We have 3 Daughters Shelby 5, Maili 2, Olivia 6 months! I would love to here from you all and catch up and remember old times!

Hertel, Laryssa Roach
Red Lion
Yorktowne Business Institute
Physician Office Assitant
Springdale Peds
I will graduate from YBI in June 09 with my Associates Degree in Medical Assistant.I am married I have 4 boys and a stepson.I hope someone is working on the next reunion....

Hess, Amanda Wagner
Holy Spirit Hospital
Comments/Messages: Married my best friend and have a 12 year old son.I still draw even though I didn't go far with my art.I am getting ready to go back to school for my RN.

York Haven
Heath Care
Coventry Health Care
Well a lot has changed sense my last entry on here. Me and Jeff have now moved in to are first house, I have taken a new job, after being with EDS for five years. I'm very happy with every aspect of my life and can't wait for the next step. I hope to hear from you all.

Hess, Barry
selector at es3
Hey everyone whats up,its crazy how we all were strangers 4 years ago and now become the class of 2007 and are the best of friends i hope everyone is happy where they are standing noe keep in touch later HESS

Hess, Brian
Tool & Die Maker
Osram Sylvania
I married Alisha in September of 2000, also that year I graduated from the tool and die apprenticeship at Osram Sylvania. In February of 2003 Alisha and I had are first child. A boy we named Cole. The wife and I are really into snowmobiling and motorcycling.

Hess, Jamie
New Oxford
Golf Cart Mechanic Head field Mechanic
Golf Cart Services, Inc.
Time keeps marching on. I've been married since 2002 and have a beautiful millenium daughter. Its hard to belive its been so long since graduation. anybody wanna talk email me. Take care everyone.

Hess, Laurie Ann Keasey
Seven Valleys
West York High School then York Vo-Tech
Keystone Restorations and Keystone Flooing
Self Employed
Married - Two kids - Work in Emigsville.

Hess, Melanie Lovelace
Penn Foster College
Kindergarten Day Care Teacher
Kid's First Day Care
Well, I've been married for eight years, and I have two wonderful boys. Zachory 8, Christien 6. I am definately interested in a reunion. Feel free to email me any info. Thanks!

Hess, Ronald
mech. assembler
Harley Davidson Inc.
I worked in printing for 21 years and then went to work for Harley Davidson for the last 8 years.I Have been married for 23 years. Have two boys one is 20 years old and in the Air Force. The other is 17 years old and a senior and wants to be a electrician.

Heuer, Daniel
Hillsboro, OR
Penn State (B.S.); Cornell University (M.S; Ph.D.)
Senior Technology Development Engineer
Intel Corp.
Having a blast in Oregon

Heyne, Jeff
New Freedom, PA
Penn State
Maintenance Supervisor
Peach Bottom Atomic Pwr Station
Married w/ 2 boys

Hicks, Ashleigh
Penn State York
As everyone knows I dated Jon for 4 and half years. Unfortunately, we are not together anymore we still talk and remain best friends. I am currently enrolled at Penn State York as Undecided. I plan on becoming a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist. I have yet to decide.

Hicks, Megan
Owings Mills MD
I am currently a Pre Med major and doing well in school. Still am pursusing my Dental dreams and moving towards dental school. Miss highschool alot but ready for this new chapter!

Hill, Gerri Wise
Just wanted to update my e-mail address. I am still looking to locate Georgia Reachard from our class. Also, are there any plans for our 20th reunion that anyone knows of? If so, please contact me.

Hilt, Carl
New Holland, PA
Penn State
Packaging Engineer
The Hershey Company

hilt, richard
plumber/heating and a/c
self employed
717-252-1347 married

Hirschhorn, Michael
Spring Grove
Penn State and H.A.C.C.
Business Ownwer
York County Homes Inc.
Hi everybody! Hope you guys are doing well. I would love to hear from the old crowd. Take it easy. Has anybody heard from Tom Stayer?

Hober, Kristina
Orlando, FL
High Tech
no im not married but i WAS engaged. I dont have any kids yet. I attend High Tech institue and studying digital design and animation and im soo glad that nobody else fell for this school. It is not at all like i was told. But yeah the upside is that im graduating in February and moving back home. Going to England in the summer of 2006. I miss everybody from tech, i keep going through my yearbook and getting teary. My roommates are horrible but im living. Graduation was awesome! i will never forget it, or the fact that i was hit in the head with a cap. haha For those who remember me, im COMPLETELY different now. i no longer wear those baggy clothes and i had dreadlocks for about 4-5 months but had to get rid of them (yes i had to cut them out) for my job. pooy. Anybody can email me. I check it daily. anyways..i gotta get going, duty calls. *rushes out the door* tootles~

Hodge, Wendy Grove
dillonvale, ohio
sales clerk
dollar tree
i am married to dever hodge, have 2 girls,and 1 boy. daughters brittany 14, vicki 12, and son dever 3rd 13. iam looking for my fellow classmates and friends: charlotte long, lisa mellinger, becky mummert, william groft, leeric dellar, todd mummert,terry lee laughmenjr, class pres. , vice pres, and classs officers. you can get in touch by e-mail: i'm looking for my high school sweetheart brian wheeland class of 1987 or 1986? any info. please e-mail me thanks.... i was married march 21, 1990 to dever hodge of ithica newyork going on 14years this year.. life going good as expected. looking forward for the next class reunion and seeing how every class mate changed...

Hoerner, Brandon
Red Lion
Apartment Maintenance
RP Managment
I'm Getting Married Oct. 31, 2009, I have two wnderful kids

Hoerner, Robin Myers
York, PA
CNA - with alzheimers residents
Colonial Care Nursing Home
Married for 17 years. Have 3 children. Oldest just graduated June 2000. WOW what memories that brought back! And by the way, where's the rest of the class?

Married to Barry Hoff, 1983 graduate

Hoffman, Barry
Glendale, AZ
Systems Engineer

Hoke, Christy Elfimov
Insurance Claims Adjuster
How do you sum up 10 years? Married then 3 kids then divorced. It will be nice when the 10 year reunion comes along. I can't wait to see you all again. If anyone knows where Angie Cunningham Brenneman is, please let me know. Thanks

Holcomb, Nicole
York County High School
I would just like to say that my experience at York Tech was great. I made so many good friends and learned so many vital things, not only in the books but in life! I am in York County High School now trying to get my last English credit so I can get my diploma and begin my career as a Medical Office Assistant. I am so proud of everyone who graduated in my class, I will miss you all dearly! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Love Always, Nicole Holcomb

Hollenbach, Ted
Auto Sales


Hollis, Sophia
Upper Marlboro, MD
York College, Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Law Student
Hello Fellow Alum,
I am currently finishing my law school career as a student at Thomas M. Cooley Law School and I am living in Upper Marlboro MD. I believe I missed the 5 year reunion, but I would love to be reunited with you all. If anyone has any information on upcoming reunions, please notify. Take care and I hope to see you soon.


Holmberg, Sabryna
Glen Rock
York College
I still cant believe we are done with school. I miss you all. =)

Holtzapple, Rebecca Horner
West York PA
Full time Mom
Hi everyone? I am Married to a guy Name Tim Holtzapple we got married March 18, 2006. We have a little Boy Name Kyle Joseph Holtzapple He was Born August 13, 2008p>

Holtzman, Stacey Fengfish
Home Dialysis Support
Married 25 years, Beautiful daughter Angela Talented son Cory Enjoy Hershey Bear Hockey and O's baseball and still a Bengals fan 30 years. Life is Great!

Hooker, Benjamin
Maryland Bible College and Seminary
I Install Gutters
Advantage Gutter Systems
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8:36, 37) There is a great secret in life that the devil tries to hide from us or lie to us about. His objective is to steal, kill and destroy you an I, but Christ came to the earth to give us abundant life (John 10:10). The secret is that the Godly life is far better the ungodly life. Sin has the ability to destroy our lives but having convictions based on God's word , a.k.a. the Bible, will save us. "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee." (Isaiah 26:3) "But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord God, that i may declare all your works." ( Psalm 73: 28) Trust me, this is the real life.


Hooker, Joshua
Middleton Cheney,UK
Hard Knox
Production Supervisor
Comments: I have been living in the United kingdom for the last ten years with my wife Lisa and our four children. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the 20th year reunion. Has anyone heard from Mark Rabenstein? I'd like to hear from anyone out there who remembers Fred Page.

Hopes, Edward
Interior Communications Electrician
United States Navy
If you would like to get ahold of me I may be reached at (717)542-7822

Horn, Nicci Smith
Glen Rock
Medical Assistant
Josh & I are still married. It's been 8 years. We have a son, Ethan 8 1/2 and a daughter, Isabella 4. We live down the street from Chris Guzman.

hornberger, amber lawrence
married and we have a gorgeous boy who will be 6

Horner, jamie
harrisburg/spring grove
hilton garden inn harrisburg east
so i have this amazing job working for the hilton making well over minimum wage and moving to harrisburg by the end of 2008 with my bf and there are positions open at the hilton go to and fill out an app

Hoskin, Kat Wheeler
Medix School
Medica Assistant
Hunt Valley Family Heath
Hello class of 2003, well as of Dec. 5th 2005 ive been married, no children yet. Still enjoying the newley wed stage. Well i hope everything is great with u guys, see u all in 2008. love, kat


Houck, Kristin
Can't believe that we are in the "real world" now. Class of 09 is the most amazing class ever. We will never be forgotten. I know that I will miss all my teachers.

houseal, carissa nuttle
dover schools
I was just writing to say hi to all my friends. I got married in 2002. we have no kids yet. We just have two cats that are like are kids. I miss be in school. I happy wear i'm at. I just like the staff to know that i said hi. I'll been out 4 years and i miss be in school with my friend. So just writing to say hi and I did not end up in my field beacuse there was no jobs in after school.

Houseman, Aaron
Camp Hill at Lower Allen Township Fire Department
Harrisburg Area Community College
Thank you,I am currently attending HACC for Fire Science. I am working on getting a paid firefighters position in Baltimore County, Detroit Michigan or around York County in Manchester or York City.I miss Tech and the teachers and all the fun memories I have in shop with Mr. Bryant.

housseal, julie stetler
hacc & york college
pa. state constable
married jim-22 yrs. retiring jan. 1 2010 as a constable -20 yrs. 1 stepson-wade. we like to jetski and travel.

Howard, Bobbie Jo Arnold
Seven Valleys
Recently married with 2 step-daughters. Hoping to find all those people I have lost contact with from school.

Huber, Eric
Thompson Institute
Hello everybody

Hughes, Jimmy
Edgewood Maryland
Marquip Ward United
Married for 30 years to Betty (my highschool sweetheart) We have 3 children Tim 28,Jason 23, and Amy,22 and 8 GRANDCHILDREN. Work in a machine shop but play golf when I can. Still love muscle cars and football.

Humbert, Joan Wiilson
Red Lion
self employed
Humbert Heating & Air Conditioning
still happily married to Barry. 31 years now. 2 grown kids, Teri is 25 and Josh is 21. 4 dogs. Life keeps getting better and better !

Hunt, Keith
DeVry Institute of Technology
Electrical Engineer
LWB Refractories

Hunt, Ray
Dover, PA
Journeyman Electrician / Electronics Technician
Pennex Aluminum Company
I have been happily married to Tawilla (Twig Marks), a 1975 graduate of Vo-Tech for 23 years. We have a 22 year old son working for UUnet, an MCI Worldcom Company as a systems software engineer. I was in the Radio & T.V. repair shop and have used the training as a stepping stone towards my present occupation. Hope to hear from other '75 grads.

Hunt, Tawilla Marks
Dover, PA
Hunt Publishing
I have been happily married to Ray, a 1975 Vo-Tech graduate. We have one 22 year old son, Keith who graduated from Vo-Tech in 1996. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute on Feb. 25, 2000. Hope to get E-Mail from some other 1975 graduates and some information about our 25th reunion.

Hunter, Patrick
High Point, NC
Guilford Technical Community College
Pontiac Team Leader
Ausbury Automotive
Married 13 years, two children ages 8 & 1. How is everyone from the class of 80 doing? Does anyone have any info on a twenty year reunion?

Hunter, Robert
Carrollton, VA
Senior Military Analyst
Alion Science and Technology
Married 25 years, no children, dogs only! Working as a support contractor for the USAF after retiring from the USAF in 2003.

Hunter, Tina Shaffer
Consolidated School of Business
Medical Transcriptionist/Editor
Work from home for Focus Infomatics
Hey you guys! We missed our 20-year reunion! ;( I just got married for the first time on Valentine's Day 2008. I have two children from a previous relationship; Talysha is 18 and graduating from Tech this year for Medical and my son Dejour is 16, in Culinary at Tech. I'm about to go back to school for my Associates in Medical Coding. My daughter is doing the same. We should still all get together and soon! E-mail me anytime at

Huntsberry, Stacy
X-ray Service Engineer
Greensboro, NC

Huston, Beth Ickes
The Other Place
I have 2 kids a 15 yr old daughter who is going to tech now, and a 5 yr old son. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. TTFN

Hyde, Justin
IT Lab Asst.
I am with Ashley Shaffer she also went to Tech. c/o 02. Tristan is doing great he is now 8 years old. If you want to get a hold of me my e-mail is


Hyrowich, Kayla
Spring Grove
Periodontal Dental Assistant
12-29-07. Hey everyone 1 and a half years later i thought i'd see where everyone is. I'm married to Jason Wolfgang, a man from Littlestown, we now live in spring grove. i'm a periodontal dental assistant, he does construction and we do auto projects on the side. we've been married almost a year now. i hope everyone else is having good luck with their goals. i dont know if ycst does class reunions but i cant wait if they do. i cant wait to see the big ego guys with their now big bald heads. haha

Hysell, James
Red Lion
Cant believe how far we've all come! Everybody go to and follow the instructions to our school and class!!! Your names are all there, just let us know where you are! OH WHAT? OH NINE!!!!!!