YCST Alumni Directory Class of 2006

Arnold, Candice
East Berlin
Hey everyone, I'm trying to get in touch with some of you. It's crazy how fast the years have gone by. A little info on me...I've been in the Army for 3 1/2 years, I have a 15 month old daughter, and live on my own in east berlin. Currently dating someone who is Deploying to Iraq. Anyways, I hope to hear from someone. Take care

Barlow, Stephany
summerdale, pa
Central penn
major in paralegal
hey everyone! I miss being in high school, I' still adjusting to the fact that we actually graduated. I am attending central penn college. i actually just started so I'm not really to sure what to expect yet. I'm studying Paralegal as a major so I'll be outta her in maybe a year and half. Still thinking about continuing my edu. and maybe going on to be a lawyer. Anyways I hope everyone is having fun out there. Hope to see everyone around. Call me if ya wanna catch up 443-528-2521. C-ya

Barnes, Christina
Dietary Assistant
Margaret E. Moul Home
YES! School is out and we are outta here. a part of me is glad and another part isnt. I am sad, i miss my friends and the teachers...its all different. I am going to college and i am working towards my associates degree. I will become a registered nurse in about 3 years. I am very excited. I miss you all and i wish everyone the best of luck in everything you do. If you want to call me and talk to me, my cell is 1-443-765-5509. Sorry its a Maryland number but if you have cingular its free! Love and miss you all!

Belivakici, Jon
Hanover, PA
what up people

Bowman, Jason
Pensacola FL
Bootcamp, NATTC
US Airman Recruit
United States Navy
well to everyone that ever doubted me making it in the navy or even past bootcamp, i proved yall wrong. im currently in studys working with aircraft computer systems, thats right the master baker can work on and maintain computer systems in all of the navys air branch. from bombers to jets, to fighters, to attackers, to survaliance to helocopters i can work on them all. what do yall think about the nerdy cheff now?

Bozman, Katie
HACC- york... RN
Isaac's serving
Hey guys. We graduated!!!!!!! never thought it would happen!! Im going to miss everybody and all my teachers and especially Shop!! I loved Auto Tech.!!! Me and andrew are still going strong, we've been together for a little over a year now... and hopefully many more to come! keep yah guys posted!! Good Luck to everybody in the future! Keep in touch!! 717-880-9640! Class of '06!!

Brown, Jason
York City
Computer Technician
The City of York or
School is out, can I get a woop woop! It's great just waking up everyday at 7 am and going to work....ok I lied. But, working is fun, I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something in my life, next to graduation. I still don't think that Graduation has hit me yet, but by the 10 year reunion, I think it will. Well, life is good for me now, and I hope that it stays that way for awhile. Everybody take care, peace and love!

carbaugh, shawn
the pigeonhills
Farmer, Auctioneer
hog farm
well its great to be in the real world but I cant wait to see you at the 5 yearer! GoD Bless pappy


Crawford, Kari
I'm so happy we graduated! Life is great, Ryan and I are still together! He's a Marine now, he'll be back from boot camp soon. We're planning to get engaged. I'm going to college for nursing, hoping to work in a pediatric unit! Good luck to everyone with your futures.

Crone, Heather John
Packer/box drop
Frito lay York,PA
Hey all, it's Sept.12 ,11. Billy Crone an I did get married last Oct.2. We live in Dover now an I got a new pt job at Frito lay. Billy is still working at Penske an will be there 4 years. We also have a little one on the way, I'm 18weeks an 4days,or abt 4months. We're due in Feb. So that is our new news. Ps Anthony P. Thanks for lettin us know abt the reunion at wal-mart. We couldn't, make it but thanks. Yes I do still remember u even though u didn't remember my name. Thanks again. Talk to y'all soon.

Cutler, Amanda
Seven Valleys
We are OUT! Thank God for the friends that I have made.

Dancy, Chris
State College, PA
Penn State - Main
Student, DOD Employee
Wow...almost 3 years since we've been at Tech. Can't say I miss much ;). Anyone know if we're gonna have a 5 year reunion (I know it's early, just wondering.).

dittenhafer, heather badders
Hey everyone...I miss alot of you guys..I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl..Dakota. hope every1 is doing good.

Dunlap, Kyle
Windsor, Pa
York College of Pennsylvania
College life is certainly different, but things are going well. I can't believe high school is almost three years in the past. How time flies...Hope all is well with everyone. Good Luck!!


Eck, Cody
Charleston South Carolina College/School Attended : U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy
New Year 2011 once again WOW. Hope to be home soon. Considering Liberty Baptist College for my next step in life. See y'all.

Ehrmann, Dawn
Seven Valleys
Yorktowne Business Institute
Bakery Specialist
Currently at the 5 year reunion and enjoying my time with everyone.


Erwine, Tim
York / Williamsport
Penn College of Technology
Network Admin
Shipley Energy
Planning to graduate in December 09 with a degree in computer science and continue working at Shipley.

Grove, Sara
York, Pa
Messiah College
I graduate from Messiah in May 2010, with my BA in psychology. I want to be a grief counselor for children, and adolescents. I am still living at home. Nothing to exciting currently!

Heath, Heather
Hyde Park NY
The Culinary Institute of America
Well for starters I want to say that I miss the simplicity of high school, but oh well thats life. I am currently at the CIA. Boone and I have been together for about a year now. I am going on externship at the Hershey Hotel in July. Then go back to school in December. But other than that I'm your typical college student.

Heindel, Russell
Yokosuka, Japan
Electronics Technician 3rd class
US Navy
I've been in the Navy since graduation and have been stationed overseas here in japan for almost 2 years now.

Hyrowich, Kayla
Spring Grove
Periodontal Dental Assistant
12-29-07. Hey everyone 1 and a half years later i thought i'd see where everyone is. I'm married to Jason Wolfgang, a man from Littlestown, we now live in spring grove. i'm a periodontal dental assistant, he does construction and we do auto projects on the side. we've been married almost a year now. i hope everyone else is having good luck with their goals. i dont know if ycst does class reunions but i cant wait if they do. i cant wait to see the big ego guys with their now big bald heads. haha

Kennedy, Jason
San Angelo Texas
Air Force
Hey yall just graduated basic training now im in tech school for firefighting. hope to be home in may or june hopefully june for graduation to see all the teachers and friends that were in my shop. Haven't been able to get a hold of mr. bryant. But things are great. I saw Shawn Speigle when i was in basic training.

Kenney, Shakiya
Harrisburg PA
Pennsylvania Higher Education

Kress, David
triboro construction supplies
how is everyone look me up on facebook

Leeper Jr., BIG Mike
York, Pennsylvania
ITT Technical Institute
Truck loader
What's up guys. Life is great, I'm finally free from the drama of high school...thank Don't get me wrong. I loved high school, and all the friends I made. If I could do it all over again, I probably would. I miss electronics shop. Big ups to Mr. P, and all my boys representing the big blue. Between work and school, I am a busy guy, but college is awesome. You have way more freedom, and the choices of what you want to do. I wish everybody the best of luck in the future classes. Live up them senior years, they are a blast, and go by really fast. Oh yea, If you can, go on senior trip. It is a blast, and a great closing to your years at Tech. Well, I'll see you all in the real world someday. See ya later. Peace and luv, BIGMIKE~1

Lehigh, Andrew
its been a long time it is almost the end of 2009 time has flown by. i have 2 kids a son and a daughter. peyton renee will be 2 oct.7th and xavier arthur will be 2 march 23. i miss the high school years, but being in the military is like a big high school. i hope everyone is doing good. give a call anytime 717-855-0888

Markel, Patrick
farrowing tech/ hog farmer
country view family farms

Martinez, Gabriel (Gabe)
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Living...Thank God everyday for my blessings. I have a one year old daughter named Jettah who means the world to me. I am in college and plan on be a DR. sooooooooo, I'm a be living good...LOL...I have a Facebook Gabe Martinez, look me up keep in touch n thank GOD everyday that you are still here!!!! 06 All Day....BE SAFE & ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

moats, josh

Mobley, Katie
Graphic Arts
InterCo Print formaly known as Trader Publishing Company

Pottle, Amanda
Head Teacher
Small Steps Daycare School
Hey guys!! so.. um its pretty much almost a year that we have been out! that is insane.. but i miss my school years.. im glad im out.. but i miss my friends and just the social interactions :( well email me sometimes guys! ttyl Amanda

Rivera, Stephanie Silverman
Hey everyone hope you all are doing okay and just life outside of highschool is really different got married to Misael Rivera and have 2 kids so if you want to talk just hit me uo through my e mail okay hope all is well.

Rohrbaugh, Shawn
717.600.4131 WE ARE OUTTA HERE!!!!!

Rugemer, Ashley
marywood university
Hey! I cant believe we are all starting is great and tons of work...I hope that everyone is doing great. I miss everyone so much...give me a call sometime...717-577-5578

Shoff, Randy
Forklift Operator
UTZ Q!uality Foods
Hello everyone. Nice to see so many of you going to college, however I moved out and joined the workforce. I actually miss school. Well maybe I just miss you guys. Can't wait to see you all again.

Sitler, Jordan
Art Institute of York Pa
Graphic Designer
The YGS Group
Wow, 4 years has flown by... I graduated college this past June of 09 with a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of York. After a long grueling process of searching for a job, I finally found one! I currently am a Graphic Designer for The YGS Group. I am engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world that I met in college, and the BIG DATE is this November of 2010! Feel free to email me to catch up!

Smith, Andrew
A&R Rental
I can't believe that we're out of school! it seems so weird to think about it!

Smith, Kelly
Wow, life is so different after graduation and it just flies! Soon I'll be going to HACC for Mechanical Engineering. WISH ME LUCK! I'm no longer with Feeney though.. big surprise there. Rickie Wilson (05 graduate) and I are a couple living together in the East York/Red Lion area. Life's GREAT!

Smith, Richard
York College of PA
York County School of Technology
Well, its 2011, made it through 4 years of college, had a great time and now I am thrown into the real world. Came "home" back to Tech to teach. Enjoying every single moment of it. I love being back "home" and makes me remember all the great times that I had here, and all the marks that WE made on this school.

Smith, Tonya
New Park, PA
Stay at home Mom

Smith, Tori-Rae
York City
York College
Indulge Salon
Going to college now and still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life...........It is weird to look at the following years and realize how long its been. Before ya know it we will be celebrating our 5 year reunion. It's exciting and I can't wait to see everyone again!

Spiegel, Shawn
Jacksonville, NC
Correctional Officer
I better get some kind of notice in advance so i can go to the reunion! I miss everyone and i hope all of you are living out your dreams!

Srnec, Jamie
Valparaiso, IN
Indiana University
Wow, it's hard to believe that it's winter. It seems like yesterday we were all together! Sooo many things have changed. I've moved to Indiana with a full scholarship to IU. Things are going well. Can't wait to see everyone at a reunion!

stambaugh, jesse

Sterner, Ben
Jacobs tool
Got married june of 2010

Taylor, Kristie
York, PA
York College of PA
Security Gaurd/YCST Cheer Coach
York College/York Tech
Hi everyone, it's 2008 and Jason and I are together and living with eachother still and aren't getting married until it's conveinant. I can actually say that high school was the best years of my life, college is just here to get me farther in life. I miss most of yall and good luck in life.

Williams Oschefski, Courtney

Yanez, Daizy
York College
State Farm*
03-08-08 Hi All. I am currently attending York College for Psychology, & working towards my Real Estate License. As well as working for State Farm Insurance, so if any of you need an Auto/Homeowners/Life quote send me an email. Or if you want to catch up! I'd love to hear from you guys also any ideas for the reunions? I hope all is well with everyone!