YCST Alumni Directory Class of 1997

Booz, Bill
Saint Mary MD
Saint Marys College 
Buisness owner
What's up Grads of 97'? Here is a new post Nov. 27 2005. Maybe we should plan a reunion. If anyone is still interested contact me at, or It would be great to see everyone from the Vo-tech days. I hope all of you are well. Let's try and have a ten year reunion or something. As for myself...I attend part time schooling for a philosophy bachleors, and own two small buisness. As my team and myself move forward we see chances to advance society globally. Hopefully our influences can create positive change on globalized efforts.

Durgin, Brion
Los Angeles, California
Uh oh. Back 2 the Future time. Its been crazy since I graduated. I moved to L.A. in '98. I got an agent after 3 months, and so far so good. I've been writing for various shows and so on. I've written some skits for the Craig Kilborn Show. I've also been involved with writing some episodes of "Friends", "The Hughleys", and most recently "My Wife and Kids". I'm havin a blast out here. If you ever get the chance, move to L.A. Its off the hook. I usually try to make it back to York 2 or 3 times a year. As far as new things to look for, I'm getting ready to go film a movie with Chris Kattan from SNL. Writings been great, but I want to expand my horizons and be in front of the camera too. All I ever wanted in life was a beachhouse and a BMW. Well, now I got both. I guess I should retire!

Fisher, Joshua

Galla, Brad 
Auto/Truck technician 
Heritage Automall of Bel-Air
I am currently in charge of a shop of Fifteen technicians i am responsible for troubleshooting vehicles with advanced electrical and mechanical problems i am also in charge of training new entry level technicians and taking care of customers and conducting meetings. I married my high school sweetheart Nicole Knaub. We have been married over a year now .We dont have any kids yet She works as a typesetter for ENGLE printing and enjoys it very much.

Gilbeau, Nicole
Culinary Arts
York, PA

Hess, Brian
Tool & Die Maker
Osram Sylvania
I married Alisha in September of 2000, also that year I graduated from the tool and die apprenticeship at Osram Sylvania. In February of 2003 Alisha and I had are first child. A boy we named Cole. The wife and I are really into snowmobiling and motorcycling.

(Laughman) Wentz, Karina
Aquaphoneix Scientific, Label Room Assoc.
Hanover PA
Married 18 years. Have two kids, one just graduated.  Been at my job for 6 years. Just loving life.

Leicht, Kristen
York, PA
YTI, Currently UOP online
Accounts Payable
Klinge Corporation
It is now November of 2005. I still have two kids and am unmarried. However, I will be getting married next year to my (now) fiance. We've been together for a little over three years. What happened to our five year reunion???? :) I have a profile on if anyone else is on there and want's to chat. I hope to hear from anyone soon!

Lentz, Michelle Lee
West York
Walmart or
havin fun livin life.... getting married next year to my boyfriend of 4yrs got a myspace page and a facebook page... look me up and aren't we overdue for a reunion

Manning, Summer Rentzel
York Haven
I am currently pregnant with my first child so i'm taking some time off work and doing great..soon to be married:) would love to hear from some old friends..i seem to have lost all contact when i moved out of state but am back in good old PA!!

Miller, Amanda Lentz
Orlando, Fl
Inventory Specialist
Advance Auto Parts
Hey guys.. I've been wondering how everyone is doing.. I'm currently in Florida, moving back to Pa in a couple months as soon as my divorce is final. I have a 8 yr old daughter, Shelby, who is my mini-me! when are they gonna have a reunion? see you soon..:)

Olewiler, Jeannnie Delozier
Dallastown, PA
Penn State - York
Assistant Group Supervisor
Christ Church Child Care Center
Penn State-York
Married my high school sweetheart, Mike Olewiler (1995)in 1999, we bought a old log home, we are currently remolding and are expecting our first child in August of 2001.

Potter, Laura Anderson
Las Vegas
Office Manager
USA, Inc.
Happily married with two children (boy 7 girl 4), and doing well. Moved to Vegas a couple years ago to start a new company - talk about a change. Would love to hear from some old friends, just to see how they're doing now and then!

Primeau, Tasha Smith
Business owner
Hi all, It seems these days everything has changed so much it's crazy the way things have been. I married Jeremy Primeau back in 1998 then in 99 we had a lil boy (Griffin) Were doing great. I really miss high school, everything was so much simplier. out here in the "Real world" It's tough. If ya remember me send me an email I'd love to hear from anyone ;) Peace Love ya all P.s. Are we ever going to have a reunion?

Rager, Rebecca Elliehausen
Red Lion
Medical Secretary
White Rose Family Practice
Well, let's see. A lot has happened since I graduated. In December of 1997, I got married. 10 months later I had a little girl named Kyla. When she was 5 months old, her father and I separated, then shortly after we were divorced. I have since remarried in July 2002 to Andy Rager. This past July 2003, I gave birth to our son Tanner. My husband also has two boys from a previous marriage. At times our house can be quite full. If there is goimg to be a 5 year reunion, I would definitely attend. So, if anyone is planning that let me know.

Rickrode, Heather Mitzel
Consolidated School of Business
I just got married 6/2/2007 and now have a 8 year old stepson. i have 2 cats. i am interested in knowing if we are going to have a class reunion. please feel free to contact me by email.

Robinson, Jesse
Madison wi
Sitel Inc.
hey everyone, havent spoken to anyone from my class in several years. wouldnt mind seeing some of you guys. Im have a beautiful girlfriend of 2 years, living it up in the midwest, and planning to move to toronto in a year to further my education in music production.

Roe, Marvin
Camp Hill, Pa
Penn State York
Customer Care
Got married to Julia in March/2000. I had been seeing Julia since senior year of high school. Currently looking to futher my education.

Rudd, Naomi
Harley Davidson
Been a long time...a lot has happened in the time that has passed. I'm planning on going back to school come fall of 2003 and happy to be doing so.

Stentzel, Kristen Leicht
Hummelstown PA
YTI, University of Phoenix, Online
Business Owner
Kristen's Creative Presentations, Beading Off
I've recently started two new businesses and I'll be starting school again in October to get my MBA. I got married in October 2006. Still have just two kids. Trying to plan a reunion. Still on MySpace! :) I hope I start getting feedback for a reunion - my email address is current.

Warren, Lisa Kreder
Jacobus, PA
All-State Career
Truck Driver
Werner Ent.

Weaver, Melissa Witmer
living life as much as I can with my husband and daughter...

White, Jennifer Hawn
Hubby and I will be married 10 yrs June 2009. I have a wonderful step-son who just turned 16