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Level One  





Course Description:

The Cosmetology Level I course is designed to prepare students for the clinic floor and for the State Board of Cosmetology written and practical exam.  All Level III and IV cosmetology students are expected to practice the skills they have learned on clients who come to the school to receive a variety of services.  The practical exam requires student to demonstrate entry level skills in manicuring, skin care, hair cutting, air forming, curling iron styles, permanent waving, chemical hair relaxing and hair coloring.  The written exam requires students to pass an entry-level test on Cosmetology knowledge.

Course Goals:

1.    Cosmetology Requirements & Careers

2.   Demonstrate Braiding

3.   Professionalism

4.   Right To Know

5.   Bacteriology

6.   Disinfection

7.   Roller Setting Theory & Demonstrate Roller Setting

8.   Theory of Manicuring, The Nail and Its Disorders, & Exchange Manicures

9.   Theory & Demonstration of Pin Curl Setting

10.Theory of The Skin, Massage, Facials, & Exchange Facials

11.Hair Removal Theory, Demonstrate a Depilatory & Hot Waxing

12.Makeup Theory & Exchange Makeup Application

13.Exchange Oil Manicures

14.Properties of the Hair and Scalp, Hair Diseases and Hair Disorders, pH Scale

15.Theory of Draping, Brushing, & Hair Analysis

16. Demonstrate Draping, Brushing, & Hair Analysis

17.Shampoo, Condition, & Scalp Treatment Theory

18.Exchange Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments

19.Thermal Styling Theory & Demonstrate Air Forming and Thermal Waving

20.Thermal Styling Theory & Demonstrate Thermal Pressing and Curling

21.Exchange Manicure with Hand and Arm Massage

22.Hair Cutting Theory & Demonstrate Solid, Graduated, Uniform and Increase Layer Hair Cutting & Texturizing

23.Chemical Texturizing

24.Hair Coloring

25. Skills USA

Course Outcomes:

·   Upon successful completion of the Level One course students will be able to demonstrate entry level skills in nail care, skin care, hair care, hair cutting, and hair styling.

·   The written exam requires students to pass an entry-level test on Cosmetology knowledge.


 This course includes learning entry level skills in:

Nail Care

Skin Care

Hair Care

Major Projects


  Braid Competition

Hair Cutting Photo Album

Course Materials & Text:

Ø Cosmetology Student Kit (provided by student)$175

Ø Academy Uniform (provided by student) black academy shirt, black scrubsor black jeans, and black sneakers or black crocs

Ø 3 ring binder (provided by school)

Ø Cosmetology Textbook (provided by the school or students may purchase)



Each quarter grades will be determined by using the following.  50% of the student's grade will be determined by averaging practical scores.  These scores consist of skills demonstrated in class.  30% of the grade will be determined by averaging the written test scores and notebook grades.  Students will be required to maintain a notebook and be prepared to have them evaluated.  20% of the grade will be determined by professionalism.  Professionalism consists of wearing the required uniform to class, having a complete and clean cosmetology kit in class, and demonstration classroom social skills daily.









Cosmetology Classroom Expectations


A work ethic is honest, moral, conscientious accomplishments, achieved by following the guidelines, procedures, and rules that a workplace has; and doing so by being a devoted, reliable employee.  Your goal is to work productively and responsibly at a task either, assigned or self-selected, alone or in a small group with teacher supervision.  These objectives will be taught, practiced and perfected throughout the school year.

  1. Wear Cosmetology uniform daily.

  2. Bring clean and complete cosmetology kit to class.

  3. Be on  time

a. Causing a disruption by being late to class is unacceptable.

b. Any time students are late to class they will receive a warning the first 

  time, second time detention will be assigned to makeup the time missed,

  and third time office referral 

  4. Be in seat for attendance and bells

  5. Follow directions.

  6. Be prompt with assignments, tests, and project due dates. 

a. Assignments are due on their due date. 

b. Detention may be assigned to complete missed work.

  7. Respect each other

  8. Display a positive attitude

  9. Be here

  a. Good attendance is key to successfully passing the course,

  b. If you do miss time, due to illness or other reasons, prompt make-up

work is expected (ie. if astudent is absent one day, they have one day to makeup work)

10. Substitute rule

  a. All class rules apply when a substitute is present.

  b. Treat the substitute with the same respect as the classroom teacher.

11. Academic Integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity free of fraud and deception 

  and is an educational objective of this school. 

  a. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism,

fabrication of information of citations, facilitating acts of academic 

  dishonesty by others, having unauthorized possession of examinations,

  submitting work of another person or work previously used without

  informing the teacher, or tampering with the academic work of other 


  b. Students charged with a breach of academic integrity will receive due

process and, if the charge is found valid, academic sanctions may

  range, depending on the severity of the offense (from an “F” for the

assignment to an “F” for the course, removal from honors groups, etc.)





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