Cosmetology Brochure

York County School of Technology

Cosmetology Technical Program

Program Title (as approved by the JOC)
CIP Code(s) 12:0401 Cosmetology/Cosmetologist General
SOC Code (s)39-5012

High Priority Occupation

Program of Study Cosmetology is a vital industry to York County and projections indicate that it is expected to grow over the next decade, thereby creating a shortage of qualified personnel.  The curriculum of our program includes the study of the hair, skin and nails.  Students are provided instruction in such tasks as professionalism, infection control, manicuring, pedicuring, nail art, artificial nail applications, manual and machine facials, removing unwanted hair, makeup application, shampooing, hair cutting, hair styling, chemical texturizing, hair coloring, and other tasks related to overall grooming and personal appearance.  Application of these skills is performed at the school’s on-site clinic.

Brief program description

Provide beauty services to the hair, such as shampooing, chemical texturizing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, and massaging and treating scalp. Provide skin care services, such as facials, massage, hair removal, and makeup application. Provide nail services, such as manicures, pedicures, artificial nail application and nail art.

Program Course Content (scope and sequence)

As a Level 1 student, you will learn…

Cosmetology Licensing Requirements, Ethics, General Vocational Safety, Infection Control, Chemistry, The Nail and Its Disorders, The Skin and Its Disorders, Properties of the Hair and Scalp, Hair Diseases and Disorders. 

In addition, you will learn the following skills…

Client Consultation, Manicures, Facials, Massage, Eyebrow Arching, Hair Removal, Make Up Application, Hair Care, Hair Styling, and Hair Cutting, Chemical Texturizing, and Hair Coloring.

As a Level 2 student, you will learn…

Salon Receptionist Skills, S.T.A.R., Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and OSHA. 

In addition, you will learn the following skills…

Artificial Nail Applications, Nail Art, Hair Removal, Corrective Makeup, Artificial Eyelash Application, Hair Cutting, Hair Styling including Wigs, Chemical Texturizing, Hair Coloring and Hair Lightening.

As a Level 3 student, you will learn…

Electricity, Pennsylvania Cosmetology Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Salon Management.

In addition I will learn the following skills…

Cosmetology Mock Boards, Safe Use of Nail Drills, Skin Care Machines, Lash and Brow Tints, Clipper Cutting, Beard and Mustache Grooming, and Corrective Hair Coloring. Practical Clinical Experience will be provided in the school’s cosmetology salon.

As a Level 4 student, you will learn the following skills…

Advanced Nail Art, Esthetics, Hair Styling, Coloring and Cutting.  Students will be expected to complete required clinical skills in the school’s cosmetology salon and pass the NOCTI exam. After successful completion of cosmetology hours students will be expected to take the Cosmetology licensing exam.  They will then be eligible to enroll in the school’s cooperative education program, the cosmetology teacher course or a combination of these.

Criteria for Admission: Successful completion of an 8th grade education, Social Security Number or Federal ID number [PA State Board of Cosmetology (FAQ)], Good Moral Character according PA State Board Law The Act, Section 6.  In addition students should possess above average skills in math, science, reading, and English; as well as strong interpersonal skills and good physical condition.

Expectations of students in the program: In our professional opinion successfully complete all assignments in all areas of cosmetology and 1250 hours, take and pass the State Board of Cosmetology Written and Practical exam as well as the NOCTI, and obtain entry level employment in the cosmetology field.

Characteristics of successful students:

Attends and participates in all classes daily
People Skills, Ability to work with the public and co-workers
Problem Solver
Interested in improving OTHER people’s hair, skin and nails by satisfying their requests

Uniform and Supplies:

Uniform - Black Academy Shirt, Black Scrubs or Black Jeans, Black Sneakers or Black Crocs, Smocks for Level III and Level IV (any color except black)

Supplies – Cosmetology Kit

Certifications and skills:

PA State Board of Cosmetology License


School to Career Opportunities such as Cooperative Education, Internships, YCAL programs:

Cooperative Education

Articulation Agreements:

York County School of Technology Adult Education

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

2 year programs: Business Management

4 year programs: Business or Vocational Industrial Education Teacher

Salon Receptionist
Nail Technician
Makeup Artist
Stylist Assistant
Natural Hair Braider
Hair Stylist
Desairologist (Mortuary Beautician)
Massage Therapist*
Salon/Spa Owner

Assistant Buyer*
Cosmetic Advisor

Teacher, Post Secondary *
Teacher, Secondary *
Platform Artist

Manufacturer's Representative*
Research Technician *
Educational Director for Manufacturer's* 

Beauty Editor*
Public Relations*
*Requires further education

Other pertinent information

Co-curricular Organizations: Cosmetology Club and Skills USA

Projects: Graduation Project

3-D Salon

  Art, Cake, Fashion and Hair Show

Professional Organizations:

Professional Beauty Association