Joe Heidler

Collision Repair Technology 

 Instructor Joe Heidler


ASE Certified Training
I- Car Certified Training
DuPont Paint Training
Chief Frame Straighting
OSHA Training 

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High Priority Occupation
Program of Study is Completed for the Occupation
Brief program description 
Collision Repair Technology is a high tech area that is designed to provide training for persons interested in learning how to repair damaged vehicles. Students will learn how to repair wrecked vehicles using the latest techniques and equipment available. This technical area features a Chief E-Z Liner frame machine, Dupont paint system, the latest spray equipment available, and an Omni down draft spray booth with an oven. There are plenty of hands-on activities mixed with the correct blend of theory to allow the students to master the techniques of frame repair, MIG welding, painting and custom designs, dent removal, suspension systems, brakes, electrical systems and PA state inspection. This technical area is NATEF (ASE) nationally certified.

The York County area has a vast number of employers that are interested in hiring students trained in collision repair.  Salary for beginning workers is $8.00 to $10.00 per hour. After students work five or more years in the field, they will have the opportunity to earn $10.00 to $24.00 per hour depending on their skills and the type of repair facility they are employed at. In addition, post -secondary education is always a plus to any student’s futures and will offer students a chance to enhance their earnings potential in a rewarding field.

Academic recommendations for this technical area include proficiency in English and mathematics in order to be successful. The minimum recommended reading and mathematics level should be 8th grade.

Program Course Content (scope and sequence)

As a Level 1 student, I will learn:

Non-Structural repair Scope and Sequence

Customer relations and Collision Repair and Tools and Equipment Programs

Worker Protection Program 1

Moveable and Stationary Glass Program 2

Trim and Hardware Program 1
Adhesive Bonding Program 1

Corrosion Protection Program 1
Plastic Repair Program 1
Plastic Repair Program 2
Straightening Steel Program 1
Exterior Panel Repair and Replacement- Steel and Plastic Program 1
Exterior panel Repair and Replacement- Steel and Plastic Program 2
Lighting, Starting, and Charging Systems Program 1

As a Level 2 student, I will learn:

Painting  Scope and Sequence

Refinishing Program 1
Refinishing Program 2


As a Level 3 student, I will learn:

Mechanical Repairs Scope and Sequence

Air Conditioning Program 1
Heating and Cooling Program 1
Drive Train Program 1
Power Accessories Program 1
Restraints Program 1
Fuel and Exhaust Program 1
Lighting, Starting, and Charging Systems Program 1 


As a Level 4 student, I will learn:
Structural Repair Scope and Sequence

Structural Parts Steel Program 1
Structural Parts Steel Program 2
Structural Parts Steel Program 3


Expectations of students in the program:

To stay on task, keep good record and take notes as required. Student will be expected to write essay answering essential questions for all lessons that taught. This is a Learning Focus program with emphasis on I-CAR and ASE curriculum.

Characteristics of successful students:

Motivated to learn and try new things. Must be able to lift and have good eye and hand coordination.

Uniform and Supplies:

  • 3” Three Ring Binder $8.00
  • Safety Glasses- first pair furnished by the school the first week.See academy handbook for further details.
  • Shop Shirts-students will be required to purchase three shop shirts. Plain grey shirts will be required until the student is placed in a shop.
  • Work Boots-must have upper leathers and hard soles-steel tips are recommended.   $20.00-$30.00
  • Hearing Protection-(muff type only)-can be purchased at most department stores in the hunting department    $12.00
  • Respirator-for Collision Repair students only $35.00

Certifications and skills:

Students may be eligible to participate in several certification programs if they meet the requirements. These programs include OSHA, NOCTI, Refrigerant Handling, Pa. Safety and Emission Inspection. Students will be responsible for the fees for these credentials. Currently the combined cost is $80.00 and is subject change.

School to Career Opportunities such as Cooperative Education, Internships, YCAL programs:

Co-op with local employers for any student that meets task requirements as follows:

Employment opportunities include, but are not limited, to the following: frame repair, spray painter, body repair, suspension specialist, vehicle detailer, welder, shop management, insurance adjuster, custom car builder, and state inspection mechanic.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:
Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Vale Tech