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This web site is a reference for my students and their parents. I have listed the classroom requirements and will be glad to answer any questions that you may have throughout the year. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with your questions or concerns.

Melinda J. Fink

Students Math Web Sites

Algebra Online
Algebra OnlineSM is a free service designed to allow students, parents, and educators throughout the world to communicate. This includes free private tutoring, live chat, and a message board, among many other features. Questions and discussions relating to all levels of mathematics (not just Algebra) are welcome. Algebra OnlineSM is the future in education!

Comics and Cartoons
This is a collection of some math related comics and cartoons. They are displayed here for your enjoyment and educational use. ENJOY!

The Pi Mathematics Home Page.

The Math in the Movies Page
A Guide to Major Motion Pictures with Scenes of Real Mathematics.

Problem Of the Week
This web site gives a number of places that a student can go to answer a high school mathematics problem including project ideas.

Sports Statistics on the Web

History of Mathematics

Interactive Algebra
Excellent example problems!

Working Calculator on your screen 

Pascal's Triangle
What is Pascal's Triangle? How do you construct it? What is it used for?

The Math Forum Student Center

Professional Math Web Sites

Cyber School Services"Today's technology, training for tomorrow"
On-line math pratice and other lessons to integrate into your classroom.

Problem Of the Week
This web site gives a number of places that a student can go to answer a high school mathematics problem including project ideas.

Graphs, Games, and the NCTM Standards

Math League
The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials to students. The Math League specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics for students from the 4th grade through high school.

Mathematics Lessons Database

This is a resource center containing lesson plans and news.

MathType is the intelligent mathematical equation editor for Windows and Macintosh computers. Using MathType in conjunction with word processing, desktop publishing, or graphics programs, you can easily create research papers, slides, technical reports, tests andclass notes, even entire books!

The home page of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The Math Virtual Library
This is a collection of Mathematics-related resources.

Ask Dr. Math
Questions and answers to even the most difficult problems.

Do you have a question about teaching mathematics? Are you wondering about the ways your children are learning math? Teacher2Teacher is here to help.

High School Teachers Place
A Math Forum

Math Exercise
Problems in all areas of Math. You can answer the problems and submit your name with others around the country who have also answered the question correctly.

The Virtual Math Classroom
My site contains links to other math pages, self-checking math quizzes, information pertaining to math related items, and a list of math contests on the web.

Standards 2000 Project
NCTM: Standards 2000 Index

The Internet Mathematics Library 
Math sites for all topics from pratice problems to educational pedagogy.

Mathematics Eduation Topics
A library of Math practice, journals, and educational pedagogy.

Geometry website
The Geometry Center is a mathematics research and education center at the University of Minnesota. The Center has a unified mathematics computing environment supporting math and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, application development, video animation production, and K-16 math education.

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Last updated 17 January 2006