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Quizlet Review 1-10
Quizlet Review 11-20
Quizlet Review 21-30
12th Grade Final Review
Quizlet Review
Quizlet 1-10
Quizlet 11-20
Quizlet 21-30
Quizlet 31-45
Citation Machine
On-line citation creation program that will take citation information and automatically format it in MLA or APA format. You can then copy and paste into your bibliography.
Debate Database
Debatabase is the world's most useful resource for student debaters. Inside you will find arguments for and against hundreds of debating Topics, written by expert debaters, judges and coaches. Also included are background summaries, links to websites of interest and recommended books, example motions and user comments.
A compendium of dictionaries, word and language tools
How to Write a Term Paper
This guide is designed to support you as you use electronic and print resources to: choose a topic; craft a thesis; evaluate thesis and sources; identify a variety of information sources; take efficient notes; begin and organize a research paper; use parenthetical documentation; prepare a Works Cited page; and, draft and revise a research paper.
National Geographic: Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
Salem Witch Trials Web Experience
PSSA Practice Tests and Information Links
Shakespeare Resource Center
William Shakespeare and Elizabethan Culture
The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
to organize and provide navigation aides for Chaucer resources on the WWW 
to work towards enhancing and extending those resources 
to encourage Chaucer studies, including those undertaken via "distance learning," at all levels of education.