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Adult & Continuing Education at York County School of Technology

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Programs and Services for
Business and Industry

The Adult & Continuing Education Center can provide programs and services in the following areas including, but not limited to:

  • Basic and Technical Skill Assessment - Assessment tests can be administered to determine the literacy and technical skills of potential or current employees. Assessments can be used as part of a pre-employment screening process or as a way to determine if your employees qualify for advancement or are in need of training.
  • Job -Task Analysis - We can help you identify skills critical to proficient performance of jobs at you workplace with job-task analysis. This analysis of job tasks can be used for hiring, job reclassification's, or to design training programs.
  • Basic Skills Training - Workplace literacy classes are available to be conducted at your job site for employees needing refresher courses in math, technical reading and writing and other basic skills, as a PA WIN affiliate, we can provide customized training for your workers with available grant assistance to offset the cost of the services. Trained PA WIN Program Developers assist you in identifying employees' basic skill needs and developing high quality foundation skills training programs. This can include needs analysis, customized curriculum development, instruction, evaluation and or materials development related to foundation skills training.
  • Technical Skills Training - Any of the technical programs found in our Brochure can be delivered on your site or in our school's specialized labs and customized for your company's specific applications. Technical instructors will work with you to identify required competencies and develop an instructional program to teach those identified skills. In many cases CJT or WED NET funds can be used for this training. 

To get more information on how Adult & Continuing Education Center and its highly qualified instructors can help you meet the training needs of your company, please call 717 747-2130.