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Spanish Education

Meet the Instructors: 

Sr. Ayala


Mr. Ayala was born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico. After graduating high school, he moved to the United States to learn the English language and join the military. Mr. Ayala is a United States Air Force Honor Graduate, has a bachelor’s degree of science in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania and a K-12 Spanish Teacher Post-Baccalaureate

Certification from Millersville University. 

Sra. Lupian 


Mrs. Lupian has taught Spanish for five years in Lancaster city.  She graduated from Millersville University in 2013 with a B.S.E in Spanish Education and a minor in Latino Studies. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in School Counseling. When she is not teaching she enjoys cooking with her husband and two children, Regis & Maite.  


Spanish Education Course Selection

Level I:

This course is intended for students who have limited or no previous knowledge of Spanish.  The course will be designed to use all modalities of learning while learning

Spanish.  Students will listen, speak, read and write in Spanish to learn the language. 

 Level II: 

This course is intended for students who have completed Spanish I or have the knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary from other sources. 


Spanish Education Department

If you have questions about any of the

requirements or concerns regarding Spanish Education, please contact:


 Magali Lupian —

Jasiel Ayala —


Music Education

Meet the instructor:

Mr. Schriver

Mr. Schriver is a York native who has been studying music for over 20 years.  He graduated from West Chester University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education.  Since then, he has been teaching music and musical theatre in schools throughout York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster.  He has also worked professionally in musical theatre as a music director and a pianist since 2014.

Who Are We?

The York County School of Technology Music Department strives to provide a high quality, individualized, and dynamic music education for students aiming to enhance their college and career preparations through musical expression.  With detailed instruction, careful practice, and frequent performance, students will gain valuable musical skills based on the ideals of techniquemusicianship, responsibility, and community.  

Music Education Course Selection


Foundations of Music: 

This course is designed to allow students to build the fundamental skills and knowledge related to music performance and appreciation. Areas of study include

music theory, history, literacy, and ear training. This is also a prerequisite for the Instrumental Music course with a test-out option.

Instrumental Music: 

In this course, students will be able to learn to play a new instrument or make further progress on a current instrument.  Through individual and group instruction, students will learn and strengthen the theory and technique needed to perform on a chosen brass, woodwind, string, percussion, or keyboard instrument.

Vocal Music: 

Students will be provided the opportunity to strengthen their musical skills through song.  In a group choral

setting, students will learn and strengthen the theory and technique needed to perform high quality vocal and choral music selections. 

Music & Technology: 

Students will work to master the basic elements of technology to notate music, to record and edit audio, and to operate hardware and software for use in live performance. Students will complete assignments with hands-on experience as well as with theory-based work.


Common Questions

Q: Do I need to own an instrument to be able to join Instrumental Music?

A: No, if you don’t own your chosen instrument, there are school instruments you can loan for the semester/year.

QDo I have to have previous music experience to join a class?

A: No, all experience levels are welcome. Beginner instrumental students will take a prerequisite course before joining the Instrumental Music course.

Q: Are music classes required to graduate?

A: No, they are all elective courses and you make take Instrumental and Vocal Music courses more than once.


Music Education Department 

If you have questions about any of the

requirements or concerns regarding Music

 Education, please contact: 

Mr. Schriver —


Health and Physical Education

Why is it important?


Health Education will provide an opportunity for students to understand how to manage situations and  make  informed  decisions  for  healthy lifestyles.  This course is also designed to expose students to a variety of community resource agencies and health-related issues.  A few of the topics  will  be covered  in great depth which are:  

Legal Drugs

Illicit Drugs 



The goal of Health Education is to prepare students for the rest of their lives regarding their development, interaction with others and their surroundings.

Physical Education

The purpose of our Physical Education program  is to help  our  students understand and apply the principles of physical fitness and activity, to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. We prepare our students physically, mentally and socially so they are able to  apply, perform, and accomplish these skills to use now and also continue to implement later in life.  Students will have the ability to select any of the four Physical Education courses during their four years at York Tech. 

Physical Education Course Selection

*All PE classes have a CrossFit component.


Team Sports: 

Students will engage in sport specific activities while learning the rules and skills of that sport. 

Strength Training: 

This course will offer high intensity strength training while following a teacher-designed workout plan. 

Aerobic Fitness: 

Designed to focus on total body conditioning; with emphasis placed on cardiovascular fitness.

Personal Fitness: 

Students will receive instruction and strategies to develop a personalized fitness program (strength & cardio) that is designed specifically to assist the student in achieving their fitness goals. 

Walking Fitness: 

A low impact creative course consisting of walking theories that will exercise your mind as well as your body.

Graduation Requirements:

Students need 1 credit of Health & Physical Education

Common Questions

Q: How often are students required to have PE or Health?
A: One semester for each class.

Q: Is there a required uniform for PE?
A: Yes.  Students must have their required uniform ( shown below) for each class.

Q: Where can the uniform be purchased and what is the cost?
A: The uniform (pictured below) cost $15.00 and is available in TECH GEAR. (Tech’s school store).

Q: Are students allowed to take more than 1 PE class?
A: Yes. The extra PE credit can be counted as elective credit.

Health & Physical Education


If you have questions about any of the

requirements or concerns regarding Health & Physical Education, please


Mrs. Hess — 

Ms. Malandro — 

Mr. Mowery —


Business Education

                                                What will you learn?

Microsoft Applications

Students will have the opportunity to become certified in different pathways through the Microsoft Imagine Academy.  Students will be able to select a pathway of their choice that is specifically designed by Microsoft along with the in class instruction by the teacher. 

Personal Finance

Personal finance is a course that will help develop future economic savvy consumers by understanding principles of money management and how to handle the stressors that are often associated with money. 


Business Education Course Selection

Microsoft Applications: 

This course is designed to provide students with real world education of Microsoft computer applications via productivity pathways. The program is developed to create skilled students in Microsoft applications which helps students to achieve success through employability and industry certification. Students will have the opportunity to attain a Microsoft certification with the successful completion of the Microsoft certification exam.   

Personal Finance: 

Students enrolled in Personal Finance will learn what it takes to survive in today’s world.  Students will focus on money management, as well as learning organizational and time management skills.


This course introduces students to the basics of business ownership. The course offers details and direction on what to consider when planning a  
start-up for profit or non-profit by having students participate in hands-on projects to prepare and practice for the launch of their own business.


Business Education Department

If you have questions about any of the

requirements or concerns regarding Business Education, please contact:

Mr. Gaidos — 

Mrs. Moreira —