Revised Grading Policy for 2019/2020 School Year

Revised Grading Policy for 2019/2020 School Year

  • Fourth quarter grading will be on a pass or incomplete scale. The school year will run through May 24, 2020.

  • All assignments prior to April 17, 2020 were for student engagement and will not be graded.

  • Grading begins April 21, 2020.

  • Final average for yearlong classes is calculated using grades from quarters 1 through 3.  

  • Final average for semester 2 classes is calculated using quarter 3 average.

  • Student grades for marking period 4 will be reported as pass or incomplete. Teachers will consider fourth quarter work when finalizing end of course averages.

  • For any student who has a failing average after the third quarter, teachers will communicate directly with those students. Students will be provided with opportunities to increase their grade to a passing level.